Are radon tests mandatory?

Not in Arizona, but recommended during inspection periods of new purchase to verify presence or not.

Where does Radon come from?

Radon is the breakdown of Uranium in the Earths core.

What is the recommended level of radon found in homes by EPA in the U.S.?

EPA recommendations are for radon gas levels to be below 4.0pCi/L

What is Asbestos?

Is a natural fiber mined from the earth. It is fire resistant and very strong. Asbestos is still used today in some manufacturing. Asbestos is dangerous when it becomes "friable" or broken down into a fiber dust.

When it comes to Asbestos, what are my requirements as a Homeowner?

A homeowner in Maricopa County can handle asbestos if they choose. If a licensed contractor is to do work on your property and it was built before 1982, it is required for the materials to be disturbed to be tested for asbestos. Failure to test and disturbing the material can result in asbestos cross contamination and liability to the homeowner and licensed contractor. EPA/Maricopa County can fine each up to $10,000/day until test is provided and/or cleanup is completed.

How do I know if a building material contains asbestos?

The EPA states any commerical building or School building is required to have an asbestos test regardless of year built. Any multifamily building with 4 units or more under the same roof is required regardless of year built. Any property with 2 or more structures with water plumbed is required to have an asbestos test regardless of year built. Any structure built prior to 1978 (we recommend 1982 due to fact that it was still legal for contractors to use materials in their inventory, so most materials were exhausted by 1982) is required to have an asbestos test for any materials being disturbed. This does not mean you are always going to find asbestos containing materials, but it is always better to be on the safe side.

Can I take the sample myself?

There is no law stating that you can not do your own sample. If a licensed contractor is taking the sample, they must be licensed to do so with the credentials to disturb, carry and transport the material. (Liability is best left for the professionals)

Once identified, should asbestos always be removed?

Asbestos only needs to be removed if you are remodeling or otherwise have to disturb the material. Asbestos is safe when it is left undisturbed. If you are aware of asbestos containing materials in your property, you should always have a professional remove the material and ensure proper cleanup is performed for safely for both the worker and the property owner.

How soon will I get back the testing results?

Typically results through our company is within 48 hours of the work week. Next day or same day rush on samples are available at a reasonable cost.

What qualifications are required for asbestos consultation?

AEC technicians are all licensed asbestos workers, supervisors and project designers with hours of continuing educations completed annually. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and can cause mesothelioma which is a debilatating lung disease, all materials should be handled by licensed abatement contactors and inspectors.

How long have you been in business?

While we opened this branch of Adaptive Environmental Consulting in 2013, the owner has over thirty years' experience.

What is the service area/radius where you provide mold, radon, asbestos and water loss management?

We provide all services throughout Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and the entire state of Arizona!

What problems do you solve & how do you help people?

We provide conflict resolution. We will help set the protocol and precedent for what is necessary and what isn't regarding restoration and mitigation. No matter the project is whether residential or commercial property, our team will ensure that the company chosen follows the right rules and guidelines for asbestos, mold, removal, etc.

What services don't you provide?

We do not perform the actual mitigation or removal ourselves.

What type of environmental testing do you perform?

We handle a lot of different testing/protocol set ups including:


Who does your company serve?

We provide environmental testing for both residential and commercial properties

What is the process for receiving services?

We will first discuss the project and property to establish a base cost and what extra test costs will be, should they be requested. We will then take a minimum of three samples and at least one outside sample before and after remediation. To discuss pricing for our services, call today at (602) 926-0037.

What sets you apart from the competition?

We are a non-biased third party providing a non-partisan view on the property. We provide professional, honest opinions, follow the standards of care, and testing codes and we offer transparent and fair pricing. Our team will keep you in the loop and educated throughout the entire process.